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Cat Nail Scissors

Cat Nail Scissors

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Cat Nail Scissors

Cat nail scissors are a small, handheld tool used for trimming a cat's claws. The scissors are typically made of stainless steel and have curved blades designed to fit the shape of a cat's nails.

They are easy to use and provide a precise cut, making them a safe and effective tool for keeping a cat's claws trimmed and healthy. Using cat nail scissors regularly can help prevent claw overgrowth, which can be uncomfortable for the cat and may cause damage to furniture and other household items. 


  •  Short length of the kitten and cat nail trimmer allows easy control and maneuvering for safe and precise clipping Non-slip rubber handle won't shift or move
  • Cat nail clipper is designed to make trimming kitty claws quick and easy for a stress-free experience The pet nail clipper is suitable for all cat breeds, ages and sizes
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  • Type: cats
  • Type: Cats
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Type: SCISSORS


  • 1 x Cat Nail Scissors


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