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Ceramic Maitreya Buddha Statue

Ceramic Maitreya Buddha Statue

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Ceramic Maitreya Buddha Statue

The Ceramic Maitreya Buddha Statue is a small statue made of ceramic material depicting the Maitreya Buddha, a bodhisattva who is believed to be the future Buddha in the Buddhist tradition. The statue is typically made with intricate details, with the Maitreya Buddha depicted sitting in a meditative pose with a gentle smile on his face.

The statue is often painted in vibrant colours, with gold and red being common choices. It is a popular decorative item in Buddhist households and meditation spaces, as it is believed to bring good luck, peace, and prosperity. The statue's small size makes it easy to display on a shelf, desk, or altar.


  • This collection includes Smiling, Green Happy, Purple Relaxing and Harvest Figurines. You will get Four Buddha Statues as shown in the picture.
  • Adorable, super cute. What's not to about them? They will bring you good luck and happiness. You can start your Buddha collection now.
  • Will definitely make you feel so happy and full of hope in this time. To hug life like the Buddha! Definitely a great gift for your family and friends. Someone who receives the Buddha will them so much.
  • Buddha, and other accessories are not included. Aquarium Safe: The Ceramic Figurine Statues can go in aquarium, they are safe enough for the fish, you can absolutely put them in the fish tank.
  • Theme: MASCOT
  • Material: Ceramic & Enamel


  • 1 x Buddha Statue
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