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Green Artificial Leaf Wall Hanging

Green Artificial Leaf Wall Hanging

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Green Artificial Leaf Wall Hanging

A Green Artificial Leaf Wall Hanging is a decorative item designed to resemble a lush, green leafy plant that can be hung on a wall. It is typically made from synthetic materials such as plastic, fabric, or paper, and is designed to add a touch of natural beauty to indoor spaces such as homes, offices, or shops.

The wall hanging may feature a single leaf or a cluster of leaves arranged in a visually appealing pattern. Some designs may include additional features such as flowers or vines to create a more complex, multi-dimensional effect. Overall, a Green Artificial Leaf Wall Hanging is a convenient and low-maintenance way to bring a touch of nature into any indoor space.


  • Suit for wedding parties, home decorations, bookstore, cafe store, cloth shop and all kinds of occasion's decoration.
  • Never wither and fall, looks beautiful, vivid realistic and lifelike,let you have enough decorating spaces.
  • Featuring wonderful, shapely leaves and green hues, looks lifelike and will add elegance to your landscape.
  • You may put them in the home, kitchen or everwhere you'd like to.
  • Can be used to embellish plant wall, lay the dining table, decorate event venue or beach party, add a natural and fresh look to the activity.


  • Plant Style: VINE
  • Placement: Hanging
  • Material: Silk


  • 1x Garden Lights
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