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Hair Removal Comb Brush

Hair Removal Comb Brush

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Hair Removal Comb Brush

A hair removal comb brush is a grooming tool that is designed to remove loose hair, dirt, and dander from a pet's coat. The comb brush has fine bristles that are designed to penetrate the pet's fur, removing any loose hair and preventing it from shedding all over the house.

The brush may be made of different materials, such as plastic or rubber, and may have a curved or straight design to accommodate different areas of the pet's body. The comb brush is typically lightweight and easy to use, and can be used on both dogs and cats. It is ideal for pets with medium to long hair and can help reduce shedding and prevent matting.


  • 2 sides, 2 coats, 1 tool! Use the 9-teeth side of this dog and cat brush for smooth dematting, and the 17-teeth side for quick coat thinning and deshedding.
  • Pamper your pet - pain-free! The teeth on this dog brush for shedding are rounded to make sure your furry friend's skin is protected.
  • This deshedding brush is perfect for cats and dogs with thick, long fur - but it's great for coats of all kinds! Long lasting and durable pet comb that works great even on horses.
  •  Get even the nastiest knots out with ease! Our dog and cat brush for shedding has a non-slip handle to give you a firm and comfortable grip.
  • Comes with a "paw tag" for your keychain or pet collar!
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 1 x Comb Brush


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